Jeeter’s Rose

My Crepuscule rose was planted in memory of Jeeter.


I came home late yesterday after speaking at an Urban Forestry conference near Memphis.

I was anxious to get out and see the garden after a three day absence.  Instead we’re having thunderstorms and tornado warnings so… it’s a great day for blogging.

I have looked out the window enough to see that the rains and wind have knocked the last of the azalea flowers into the middle of next week.  Luckily the roses are waiting in the wings!

During a break in the weather, I scurried out to the grocery store.  As I struggled down the front walk laden with groceries, I was delighted to see that one of my new roses was blooming.

I still miss the late Jeeter. He was quite a garden cat.

About three years ago, my favorite garden cat, Jeeter, was killed in the street.   My heart was broken because I had bottle fed him when he was a baby kitty.   Jeeter and I were inseparable in the garden.  I had never seen him in the street so I was totally blown away when he was killed by a car.

I buried him in my front flower bed in one of his favorite hang-outs.   I planted an orange rose on his grave.

The rose is a thornless climber called ‘Crepuscule’.    It is an antique Noisette that was introduced in 1904.   After three years I have trained ‘Crepuscule’ to clamber up into a nearby red buckeye tree.   The buckeye is still blooming a bit and I am happy to report that the red buckeye flowers harmonize perfectly with the soft apricot ‘Crepuscule’ blossoms.

I am even happier that the flower color is almost the same color as my boy Jeeter.   I like to think that the Crepuscule is channeling Jeeter and that as it rambles to the top of the 12 foot buckeye, Jeeter’s spirit is roaming the garden.

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10 Responses to“Jeeter’s Rose”

  1. What a good blog you have here. Please update it more often. This topics is my interest. Thank you. . .

  2. Peg says:

    Sweet story – wish I had know Jeeter!

  3. yardflow says:

    I find it in my brain. I have worked with plants for over 30 years and am a certifiable plant fool.

  4. Alec Dirago says:

    Good Day, How is it going? I have to say that i value the unique source of content of your site a great deal, can’t help wondering where you find all of this from. Best regards Alec Dirago

  5. yardflow says:

    Bangchik, Sometimes I think my place is nothing but a memory garden. The plants all remind me of the people who introduced them to me or gave them to me. Some of them are gone and some just absent.

  6. bangchik says:

    I am glad to see such beautiful bloom. The plant understands more that we thought. How life overlaps and brings memories. ~bangchik

  7. yardflow says:

    Check out my FB comments about your mystery rose. I have theories.

  8. Rebecca says:

    Awww…Jeeter what a pretty kitty, kinda like our Jack Sparrow, the wild roamer

  9. yardflow says:

    Thanks, Gail. I love my dogs but a good garden cat can’t be beat! I still miss him after 3 years. I’m keeping my eyes open for a new garden kitty to rescue.

  10. Gail says:

    I know how you feel~When Tilly was hit by a car, it nearly broke my heart…I still miss her dozens of years later. What a wondrful post you’ve written and I am glad the orange rose is blooming for you and Jeeter! gail

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