Home Again

Peter Loos poses beside the privet pile a.k.a. prospective bonfire.

As a reward for all our hard labor, Pete and I went out of town to hear Government Mule play in Oxford.  It was a grand time!

I came home late this afternoon – tired and glad to be here.

There was just enough light so that I could see the newly cleared privet patch.  I ambled through  the area and studied our work with a grateful heart.

Even after settling, the brush pile is huge.

When the weather is favorable, we’ll have a killer bonfire.

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2 Responses to“Home Again”

  1. yardflow says:

    I just hope I can maintain all my newly de-privetized land. I’m working on a plan.
    My friend Bill uses a ready to use herbicide called Pathfinder II that you just paint on the trunk. Forestry Supply sells it. But then you got big old dead privet standing around.
    After it’s been cut back and is resprouting, I use Roundup concentrate as a foliar spray at the label rate but with an equal amount of fertilizer added in. The fertilizer trick works on cogon grass too. It takes almost a month to kill the privet sprouts. I usually just use Miracle Grow since I keep it around but you can use other fertilizers as well. My nurseryman friend who told me this uses ammonium sulfate.
    Glad you’re enjoying the blog.

  2. getting rid of privet is most rewarding – david and i do this for fun as well and we are wondering if there is a spray that would just get the privet – we have thinned a groove next to the house and would like to keep it out – love any info
    we are always clearing around the creek that flows below our home and i am always looking for neat things to plant that the beaver will leave alone – they love weeping willow but not river birch – i have not planted buckeye yet but that is a wonderful idea
    my favorite thing to do in life is plant – dig and move – separate and plant – etc –
    i am enjoying this blog — thanks

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