December in Mississippi

This is the site of my latest privet eradication efforts.

Oh yeah – today was one of those lovely sunny December days that we enjoy here in the Magnolia state.

I worked for a while this morning on my latest privet clearing project.

It is coming along nicely, if I do say so myself.

Now that most of the privet clutter is gone, I can see the lay of the land again.

It is a low drainage area or “Bottom” full of sweetbay magnolias and ironwoods.  The native plants should really thrive if they don’t have to compete with privet.

Woody relaxes with the catch of the day, his prized deer antler.

Richard and I went out on a golf cart ride this afternoon.  I wanted him to inspect my work and to be amazed at the space.

He was.

We sat in the golf cart and just gazed as if we were at at drive in movie.

The sun was shining and we stayed out until the shadows became long and the temperature began to drop.

The dogs had a grand time.  Especially Woodrow who headed out toward the deep woods and came back with a deer antler in tow!

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6 Responses to“December in Mississippi”

  1. yardflow says:

    The Japanese saw is a hand saw that I bought from Lee Valley Tools. It is made in Japan and is the best hand saw I have ever used.

  2. fhpmas says:

    Gail—What is a Japanaese saw? I’m not familiar with it. Thanks. Glad you’re making good progress on the privet clearing. It really can be a pain.

  3. yardflow says:

    Alas, Bernieh, I have misled you. It is definitely not the last spot to clear. It was just a particularly beautiful one. And it did cost me. Somehow in the process my helper lost my wonderful Japanese saw. I am jones-in for it and may go ahead and order a new one just because I can’t imagine life without it!

  4. yardflow says:

    That’s definitely a benefit of living in Mississippi, Meredehuit. Sometimes, though, it’s difficult to acclimate when the day temp is 60 one day and the night is mid teens the next!

  5. Meredehuit? says:

    How nice to be able to work out in the garden… my garden is sleeping under the snow.

  6. Bernieh says:

    Sounds like a glorious day! How fantastic it must feel to be down to the last spot to clear of privet! Job well done! It will be lovely to see these areas filled with the natives again. Have a fabulous festive season!

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