A Fine Saw!

The pruning saw takes a rest while I ponder our next project.

It’s rainy and cold here today.

I ventured forth late this afternoon and found that a titi (Cyrilla racemiflora) in the side yard had lost a limb.  The Cramoisi Superieur rose that had been using said titi for support was sprawled on the ground.  I think that is what they call the “Domino Effect”.

I decided to disentangle the two plants so that I could coerce the rose back onto her trellis.

The titi limb had to be removed first.  It was still attached to the tree and was over 3 inches across.  I headed up the hill and quickly returned with my trusty Japanese pruning saw.

In a matter of minutes, the titi was left with a smooth beautiful cut and the rose had been gently placed back onto the arbor.

I was quite impressed with myself.  You probably figured that out since I just described myself as if I were a Superhero.

My friend Pete is using the Japanese saw in a two handed grip to remove the top from a damaged sweetgum tree.

However, I was even more impressed with my saw and so I decided to make the saw the subject of this post.

This wonderful piece of equipment is a Bakuma Kariwaku saw.  It is made in Japan.  The only place I have seen the saw for sale is at Lee Valley Tools where it is marketed as a “Long-Blade Japanese Pruning Saw”.

The saw has a long handle and a replaceable blade.   The long handle makes it easy to use with two hands.  That is a great benefit for someone like me who has limited upper body strength.  The blade has very sharp teeth which quickly cut dry or green wood up to 6 inches in diameter.

I have used all kind of pruning saws over the years and this is far superior to every name brand (more expensive) saw that I have ever owned.

I have cleared a lot of privet with it and used it for fine detail pruning in my landscape.

The only problem with the saw is that the handle is black and it is easily camouflaged in dried leaves or other debris.  I bought the brand new one pictured here because I temporarily lost my old one.   I looked for it for days.  When I finally gave up and ordered the new saw I found the old one immediately, of course.

My new saw is shiny and it cuts like a dream.  I already have lots of miles on it.

And in the midst of pruning and clearing season, I could not bear to be without it!


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4 Responses to“A Fine Saw!”

  1. yardflow says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who loses pruning saws!

  2. gail says:

    I lost my pruning saw and this one looks like a good replacement~gail (where in the yard it’s hiding will be revealed in the spring)

  3. yardflow says:

    It’s amazing, George.

  4. George Morris says:

    Damn, that dies look like a good saw, and I’ve used plenty!!!


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