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I am happy to see Barrett Browning every spring.

In order to prepare for a talk, I researched the meaning of sustainability and found that it means the “ability to endure”.  Heirloom daffodils certainly meet those specs.

Yesterday I discovered my first ‘Barrett Browning’ daffodil bloom of the season.  I was delighted to photograph it with my new camera – Yip!!!

‘Barrett Browning’ was introduced in 1945 and named for two famous lovers.  It is a member of ADA Division 3 which includes the small cupped daffodils.

I think that the cup on this one is not so much a small cup as it is a short cup.

The cup is flared and ruffled around the edge and is an intense orange red color.  The petals are a creamy ivory.  ‘Barrett Browning’ is a gaudy little thing.

I’ve had this gem growing in my back yard for over 15 years.  I enjoy wandering around the backyard trail and picking it for my vases.

It thrives under my giant (100’+) white oak in a place that would be too shady for most daffodils.  Still ‘Barrett Browning’ perseveres and offers me a lesson in sustainability each spring!

I’ll be talking at the Gaining Ground Sustainability Conference in Hattiesburg, Mississippi at 1:00 this afternoon.  If you’re in the area come check me out.

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