Steve is working the weed wrench.

I have been m. i. a. for about a week  now.  Due to a failed attempt to upgrade WordPress, my site was locked down until a kind person fixed the problem.

I am glad to be back in business!

This morning two other kind people, Steve and Terry, began working in my back garden.

They hauled in some gravel to go between the stepping stones and define the walk.

The powerful jaws clamp around the stem of an unwanted plant.

The biggest maintenance problem in a shade garden is that all sorts of shade loving woody plants sprout.

They are looking for a home in the southeastern temperate deciduous forest.  So… if other stuff is planted, they will claim the space.

Quite a few years ago, I discovered my wood’s propensity to revert to the forest.   On a whim, I bought a woody plant puller from New Tribe.

The taproot on this unwanted tree is about 3 feet long.

The plant puller is a wonderful thing – especially if wielded by someone with upper body strength.

It works like a fulcrum.  The ground level jaws attach to the crown of an unwanted plant.

Then the plant is wrenched out of the soil.  The tool is especially effective if the offending plant has a tap root.

And so, this spring, my friend Steve has cleared an abundance of privet.

He knows how to work that weed wrench.

It is grand!








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