Trip Report – Part I

We were entranced by the wild azaleas. First of all they should have been through blooming and second they should have been pink. They must have missed that memo!

I took a trip on Monday.

I didn’t go far from home but I went in a canoe.

So… it seemed like an epic journey.

I went to see mountain laurel and found many other plant treasures.   I couldn’t have done it without my friend Marc.  We had a fine time botanizing.

I’ve decided to post pictures of my float down the Chunky River.  So for this week only – pictures mostly and not so many words.

As my new friend Monty might say (if he could talk) “And now for something completely different”




I had never seen Leucothoe racemosa blooming in the wild.


Meanwhile... Marc and Monty were having fun.

The banks were loaded with mountain laurel (Kalmia latifolia) just starting to bloom and native azaleas winding down.


Did I mention that Monty had fun?



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8 Responses to“Trip Report – Part I”

  1. yardflow says:

    There may be a part 3, Helen. I’m scheming to get out there again this week!

  2. yardflow says:

    George, I’m pretty certain it’s a late blooming Rhododendron canescens. I’m not sure why but this section of the Chunky has a lot of white azaleas and white mountain laurels.

  3. yardflow says:

    He is just as happy as he looks in the photos, Rebecca. We spent a lot of time playing with him.

  4. yardflow says:

    Hope you had a good plant sale, Pat. Been over at the Cajun Prairie Meeting in Eunice, LA. Thought about dropping by the Crosby but was too ready to get home.

  5. Pat Drackett says:

    Wow. Wow. Wow! Looks like a fun time! Looking for a photo tonight of ‘Georgia Gem’ blueberry for an example of the plant, for our spring plant sale tomorrow(gave you credit!) Thanks!

  6. Rebecca says:

    Love the pics, but I probably would have spent the whole day playing with the dog, what a happy looking guy!!

  7. George Morris says:

    Looks like you and Marc had a good time!!! So what azalea was it???


  8. Helen Takacs says:

    Marvelous Part I. I look forward to more!

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