Hello, Sweet Pea!

My husband has often accused me of planting too many flowers in the vegetable garden.

I’m beginning to think that he has a point.

This year, for example, it started as always.  The winter garden was lush.  Kale, lettuce, mustard, onions, broccoli, parsley and cilantro were thriving.  I browsed the seed catalogs and impulsively bought a pack of sweet pea seed.

I planted them interspersed with snow pea seed and several weeks later had no seedlings.

So… I visited my friend June during December and got a half dozen sweet pea plants.

As I was setting the sweet pea plants in my vegetable beds I noticed that suddenly I also had sweet pea seedlings.

So now, I have trellises full of lovely fragrant sweet peas in full bloom.  The snow peas, unfortunately, never germinated.

Today this vase of sweet peas attained a coveted spot on the toilet tank.

I should be remorseful.  I did, after all, fill the veggie beds with flowers.

And there is a lack of space since we have downsized to two raised veggie beds

I choose instead to fill my vases with the rare and lovely sweet pea flowers.  They are delightful in shades of pink, red, burgundy and lavender.  There is a purple one that looks like vetch on steroids.

I made a feeble attempt to placate Richard by planting some Friday the 13th pole beans in every available space.

As the cool temperature loving sweet peas wane, perhaps the heat loving pole beans will come in as understudies.  At least that is the plan.


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