Old Paint

I often sang verses of the old Woodie Guthrie song ” I ride an old paint….” when I was perched atop my geriatric Craftsman riding mower.

I bought Old Paint as a used mower and she served me well for at least eight more years.

Old Paint and I are working on a trail beside the timber bamboo.

Most people use a riding mower to cut lawn grass.  Old Paint was more like a mini-bushhog.   Together we forged new trails all over this disturbed 6 acres. With Old Paint I could attack a privet thicket or horse my way through a briar patch that left me looking as if I had tangled with a mean cat.  It was almost magical!

My technique involved cowboy-ing over small Chinese privet.   Then when I had some work space, I could come back and remove the large ones with my trusty Japanese pruning saw.

Once established I would mow the trails two or three times a year to maintain.

Late one night I was listening to a gardening podcast from the West Coast.  The host was one of the Garden Rant ladies and Billy Goodnick was the guest.  They were quite entertaining as they bashed the lawn and all that it stood for.  I agreed with most of their comments.  The consensus was, however, that anyone who would own a riding mower was ecologically irresponsible and should perhaps be put in the stocks.

I would love to give the Ranting Ladies and Billy Goodnick a tour of my land.  We could wander past the bee meadow that was planted after Old Paint chewed up the resident privet.  We could walk the woodland trails that were formerly choked with privet and Chinese wisteria and observe the native vegetation creeping back in.

We could admire the “Bottom” – a wetland formed by city drainage.  The Bottom has reached a state of balance where the native vegetation dominates and mowing is no longer necessary.  It is a beautiful place but it was here that Old Paint made a fatal encounter with a cypress knee.

Old Paint still has a good engine but her deck was compromised and she will no longer mow.  She is heading out to pasture and will now pull a small garden wagon around the place

So I just got a new mower last week.  It is a Zero Turn shiny red thing.  It has a heavy duty deck that will hopefully survive encounters with a few cypress knees.  It rides smoothly and can cut close to desirable plants.  This is a bonus because I do not have enough upper body strength to use a weed-eater.

I like the newbie but it seems way too fancy.

And what song will I sing while I mow now?


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7 Responses to“Old Paint”

  1. yardflow says:

    That’s an interesting thought, Rick.

  2. Rick Webb says:

    Devo’s “Whip It”

  3. Kc says:

    Sure it sounds like a mowing song, sing,
    Little red corvette

    Vroom vroom on mower
    Baby you’re much too fast
    Little red corvette, vroom vroom
    And run over a privet and sing
    Baby now you’re dead……

  4. yardflow says:

    That’s a good idea, KC. Doesn’t exactly sound like a mowing song though.

  5. Kc says:

    “Little red corvette,” which it is compared to old paint. Ya know the prince song?

  6. yardflow says:

    Yes, Debra, that is some timber bamboo that came with a land purchase I made. I can mow over bamboos when they are tender – just out of the ground but not when they are mature – just in case you were wondering.

  7. debra king says:

    lol! WHAT A HOOT! Is that bamboo in the background?

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