Arrow-wood Viburnums Hit The Mark

I've been enjoying the arrow-wood flowers for about a month now.

I’m enjoying the arrow-wood viburnums that are blooming now around my place.

I have one indigenous stand on my land and have purchased all sorts of forms from my nursery friends.  Due to the genetic diversity, some bloom early and are already finished.  Others are just beginning to flower.

I love the arrow-woods for their showy white flowers.  They have nice foliage and a crop of blueberry like fruit for the birds.

My friend Rick Webb, owner of Louisiana Growers in Amite, loves the arrow-woods too.  He amuses himself after a hard day at the nursery by exploring the gravel roads around his his nursery.  He has selected at least 6 forms of arrow-woods from the area and introduced them in his nursery.

I can see this arrow-wood from my bedroom window.

Mostly they area named after their location of origin.

The large leaf arrow-wood is Viburnum dentatum.  Rick lists a selection called ‘Squirrel Creek’ and another called ‘Ben’s Creek’.  This species has larger leaves and flowers.   I am particularly fond of ‘Ben’s Creek’ due to its huge leaves and striking fall color.  The large leaved arrow-woods seem to bloom later.   ‘Ben’s Creek’ and my own indigenous form are in full bloom now.

Birds love the blue fruit.

The Southern arrow-woods (Viburnum dentatum var. scabrellum a.k.a V. dentatum var. dentatum) are sometimes called little leaf arrow-woods or southern arrow-wood.

Rick lists four forms including ‘Chemekete’, ‘Greensburg’, ‘Lee’s Landing’, and ‘Osceola’.   These generally have smaller more dainty flowers and leaves.  When I see these from my golf cart on our evening excursions, I always think about Rick riding the back roads of Louisiana.

There are several selections of arrow-wood viburnum in the nursery trade.

Hopefully, like me, you can find one for your garden that originates close to home.

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5 Responses to“Arrow-wood Viburnums Hit The Mark”

  1. yardflow says:

    I have really been enjoying your viburnums, Rick.

  2. Rick Webb says:

    Glad to know something we worked on is in your garden, Yardflower.

    Buddy Lee once called my evaluations and collections of propagation material from our local area as “ditch-diving”. Ha!

    As Marc says: Kewl! Thanks, Gail, Like.

  3. yardflow says:

    The double files are Asian. I have grown them here. They are fine for a while but are short lived. Any of the arrow-woods I mentioned should do well for us in the South.

  4. Chris F says:

    My cousin has a viburnum from the “doublefile” group called Summer Snowflake that looks almost like a dogwood flower when in bloom. (but she lives in Virginia, near Richmond and I live in Texas)
    Can you recommend a good viburnum from this group that grows reliably in our southern heat and humidity? I love yours but I also love the flowers on the one my cousin has……

  5. marc says:

    cule. thanks Gail. like!

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