In A Nutshell

  • Who Am I?  Gail Barton – southern gardener and plant fool
  • What do I intend to write about in this blog?  Hinky plants including tough old fashioned flowers, wildflowers, and my favorite plant du jour
  • Where is my garden?  Meridian, Mississippi in zone 7b in the southern third of the state near the Alabama state line
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12 Responses to“In A Nutshell”

  1. Debra king says:

    Hey Gail, popcorn disease on mullbery was not beaten. Horrible disease. It was a birdbath dripper!, I was gonna give ya one! Come on down!

  2. Debra king says:

    I just ordered your book too! I’ve conqured the “popcorn” disease on my mullberry trees. It was a thorn in my side for 4 seasons. You are welcome to cuttings of the mostist awesome mullberry tree, since yours got lost. I’ll try again this year to root some cuttings.

  3. Grai says:

    Hi Gail,

    I am currently the Pres of a beekeeping association in New York State. I am putting together our newsletter and was looking for info about maple flowers, since it’s one of the earliest nectar/pollen sources around here.

    I came across your blog entry from Feb 18th, 2010, and I am writing to ask you if I could perhaps reprint it, minus the first and last paragraphs?

    I really appreciate the info and I love getting people to see the world around them in a deeper way. I hope you will let us use this piece, and I can of course give credit and link to your spot… although it won’t help your book sales since we aren’t in the deep south.

    The bee club website is: my company website is:
    Our newsletter should be out by mid week – so if you could let me know if we can reprint as soon as you can I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you. Bee Present, Grai

  4. yardflow says:

    Judy, you can pick the pods any time now. The best ones will be mature in size and shriveled. You will probably want to wear gloves when you get the seeds out because if you get those oils on your skin it burns. I love that plant and am glad to see one more person growing it.

  5. Judy Ferguson says:

    I attended your Saturday class at Millsaps on propagating plants last February. You generously shared seeds and cuttings and I’ve had mixed success. The Vietnamese hot peppers have done very well, but now I don’t know when to harvest them. Advice, please.

  6. yardflow says:

    I always started my seed in fall. It overwinters fine here. It blooms and sets seed in spring. It is a reliable reseeder.

  7. debra king says:

    why cant I grow the money plant? It finely died. zone 7. started from seed and it looked awfull it’s whole life long and bloomed this spring and now dead…snif. started from seed in a pot,

  8. Helen Takacs says:

    Cannot maneuver around to find all the previous posts on this blog. So far I have seen the one on Palms and Blueberries and enjoyed them immensely. Have signed up to receive future posts. Thanks.

  9. yardflow says:

    Thanks, Vicki – It is so good to hear from you. I’ll write a longer email later and get your book in the mail today.

  10. vicki narron warren says:

    Hi, I just ordered your book. Would you be so kind as to autograph it for me? It would mean a lot to me and would be greatly appreciated and treasured. I can’t wait to get the book. I am so proud of you and all you have accomplished. Thanks so much! vicki

  11. yardflow says:

    Yes, Possum Foret, It is highly likely.
    Thanks for checking in.

  12. possum foret says:

    always good to get your journal pages, i love your slant on things and i always learn something
    it is my belief that i own a plant of Amsonia hubrichtii aquired from sir fontenot
    jim foret

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