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My Front Porch in the Rain

This is my front porch on a rainy day.

It’s raining today – a lovely soft, sweet smelling rain with thunder rumblings in the background.

Earlier the rain abated for a while and I scrambled outdoors to snap a few photos.

At least a couple of times a day I walk out the screen door and navigate my way across the porch.  I step onto the deck and make a bee-line across the lawn to my car.

Then, of course, I reverse my route when I return home.

The whole trek is about 50 feet – times two.  I follow this path so often that my senses become dull and I stop noticing my surroundings.

Today things are different – my senses are in high gear.  The leaves are sparkly with rain and I have a camera in my hand.

The Florida leucothoe is in full bloom today.

The Florida leucothoe (Agarista populifolia) arches over my head dripping with urn shaped flowers.  They hang like a galaxy above me and shed to carpet the deck below my feet.

The tropicals are beginning to recover after an arduous winter in the house.  They beam with contentment that the luck of the draw has dealt them a delightful porch life.

Marc Pastorek’s Foliage Man greets me at the front door.

I smile coyly at him.

The screen door creaks as I open it.

I step inside and I am home.


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