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Yet Another Reason to Love Blueberries

This rabbit-eye blueberry is adorned with copper colored leaves.

In previous blog postings, I have expounded at great length about the landscape attributes of blueberries.

Blueberries are one of those rare plants that have landscape interest in all seasons.  For this reason, I rarely draw a landscape plan without working a few into the mix.

In winter after the leaves fall, the blueberry’s graceful habit and arching branches are on display.

Toward the end of winter delicate dangling flowers appear.  The urn-shaped blossoms are white and their pendant habit reminds me of beautiful ear bobs.

As the twigs leaf out in spring, the foliage develops a wonderful blue hue.

On closer inspection if the light is just right, the fall foliage is glistening scarlet.

And then, in summer, a crop of very tasty fruit is offered for your grazing pleasure.

With all these fine qualities, I often forget that the fall foliage is very showy.  Right now – the leaves have turned a beautiful cooper color and are still hanging on.

If I needed an excuse, this is yet another reason to love a blueberry!

Here in my part of the world the preferred variety is the rabbit-eye blueberry (Vaccinium ashei).    I plan to add a few more of these gems to my own landscape this winter.  I think it’s a good day to take a walk and select the planting sites.


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