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Curiouser and Curiouser

The winter sun appears as a golden halo that perfectly highlights this 'Van Sion' daffodil bud.

I’m not a huge fan of double flowers. Usually if there is a single alternative available, I will choose it in a heartbeat.

Perhaps, because of the timing and durability, I do enjoy the first Butter and Eggs daffodils of the season.

Butter and Eggs or Scrambled Eggs is a double version of the Lent Lily.  It is a survivor commonly found around old house sites.  It is even robust enough to thrive in my friend Stan’s kudzu patch.

The textbook name of Butter and Eggs is ‘Van Sion’ or ‘Telamonius Plenus’.  It has been in cultivation since 1620 and was named for Sion who was the first to cultivate it in England.  The whole story of ‘Van Sion’ can be found at the Old House Gardens website.

‘Van Sion’ is shown here as a partially opened bud.  I really dig the lime green color at this stage.  Later it will mature into a pouffy yellow, somewhat frumpy globe shaped bloom with green highlights.

I prefer to pick it in bud form, as shown here.  You can also see this verdant beauty tucked into the flower arrangement that I featured in yesterday’s post. At this stage, it looks as if it could be growing in Alice’s Wonderland.  And truly, every year it seems curiouser and curiouser to me.

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