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The Kitchen Sink Project

During winter and early spring I usually keep a vase of daffodils by my kitchen sink.

I am such a fool for dafs that I want to study and admire them as closely as possible during bloom season.

As I work at the sink, my eyes settle on the details of a particular variety and sometimes I get a delicious whiff of their fragrance.

It also has occurred to me that the series of arrangements that I make allows me to remember which varieties bloom together.   This knowledge helps me to place them more wisely in my landscape.

So today – I will share with you the blooming sequence this spring for the past month.  I am embarrassed to admit that the photo quality is not that great on some of these shots.  I believe all were taken with my cell phone – many under low light conditions.  The pictures were not intended to win any photography awards but were taken as a garden record.

On 2-26-2014, I was thrilled to see the early daffodils.

This arrangement contains the earliest bloomers for me this year and includes: ‘February Gold’, ‘Campernelle’, ‘Barrett-Browning’, ‘Grand Primo’, Lent Lily and Little Sweetie.  Notice how I padded the arrangement with boxwood greenery and used a disfigured blossom or two.  Dafs were in short supply!

Eleven days later on 3-9-2014, more daffodil varieties were blooming in the garden.

Most of the varieties mentioned above were still in bloom but I focused on collecting the newcomers for this arrangement.  Roman hyacinths and summer snowflakes are included along with the daffodil varieties: ‘Rapture’, ‘Petrel’, ‘Sir Watkin’, ‘Tete a Tete’, ‘Trevithian’, Texas Star (Narcissus x intermedius), ‘Grand Primo’ and Little Sweetie.

The weather was nice and my husband was cooking so I assembled this one on the deck railing on 3-15-14.

This week I chose to make an all daffodil (except for the lone Roman hyacinth) arrangement.  This arrangement contains: ‘Beryl, ‘Trevithian’, ‘Falconet’, ‘Petrel, ‘Little Sweetie’ ‘ Mrs. Langtry’ and a found ‘Incomparabilis’.  I still remember how good this arrangement smelled!

On 3-22-2014 I included the first azalea flowers from 'Vittatta fortunei' along with these mostly mid-season daffodils.

The daffodils were peaking when I made this arrangement.  It was hard to chose which contenders to put in the vase.  However, there is only so much room beside the kitchen sink so I picked stems of: ‘Barrett Browning’, ‘Pipit’, ‘Geranium’, ‘Trevithian’, ‘Tahiti’ ‘Little Sweetie’ and an unknown tazetta from Bill the Bulb Baron.

Today (3-27-2014) I picked these dafs which are mostly representative of the late season even though we had a hard frost 2 nights ago!

I picked one of the last pink camellias from an unknown variety and settled it into a vase with these (mostly) late season daffodils.  My arrangement includes:  ‘Beryl’, ‘Yellow Cheerfulness’, ‘Geranium’, ‘Stainless’, ‘Niveth’ ‘Sweetness’, Narcissus fernandesii, ‘ Hawera’, ‘Falconet’ and ‘Seagull’.

I wonder how many readers stayed with me until the end of this self-indulgent rambling.

If you hung in there I thank you for bearing with me.

You may now consider yourself an official daffodil fool and as my friend Peachie Saxon says “You are sick, sick, sick!”

Arrangements Have Been Made

This rainy day arrangement contains 7+ daffodil varieties. How many can you name?

So the plan was that my friend J’Lynn and I were heading east to Cumberland Island.  We had all the camping stuff packed and the car half loaded when the weather forecast changed drastically.

The forecast predicted wind gusts to 35mph and temperatures to 19 with wind chill – not to mention possible snow.   All of this on a island with no shelter or way off until the Thursday ferry.

This winter I’ve become a devout believer in wind chill.   So… we caved.

Instead J’Lynn and I stayed put and did a daffodil photo shoot.

The champion bouquet (so far) is pictured above.

Of course, this reminds me of a story.  My friend Edith Eddleman was the Curator of the perennial border at the wonderful J. C. Raulston Arboretum.   Edith became acquainted with my favorite garden writer, Elizabeth Lawrence. Toward the end of Miss Lawrence’s life, Edith and a friend made a visit to her personal care home.  They had been cautioned by the family that Miss Lawrence had little memory and probably would not know them.   She did not, but…. she eagerly took the daffodil bouquet that Edith had brought and with a smile recited the name of every daffodil contained therein.  She did not know the humans but she did remember the flowers.

Check out the illustration below for the variety names in my bouquet.  I spent far too much time figuring out how to make this crib sheet in Photoshop but when left to my own devices on a cold nasty day….

I only wish I could add a scratch and sniff component to this posting because this arrangement smells divine!

Here's your crib sheet.

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