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I've been studying the plump Van Sion buds and trying to cipher when the blooms will emerge.

Due to the unusually cold weather we’ve had, my daffodils are lagging behind.

Usually in January I have already picked a few stems of ‘February Gold’, ‘Van Scion’, ‘Minor Monarque’, ‘Early Pearl’,  ‘Grand Primo’ or Lent Lily.   Not all at the same time – but a few blossoms here and there that bring a smile to my face.

I did gather some early bunch daffodils or tazettas in December.  They were probably early blooming selections from Bill the Bulb Baron.  The ‘Minor Monarque’ also bloomed in December.

But then the single digits came and the snow.  As a result,  my daffodils have yet to produce a bloom in 2014.

I’ve visited the ‘February Gold’ patch several times in search of a flower or two.  So far all I’ve found are plump buds.

The first daffodil flower of 2014 - and the prize goes to 'Rijnveld's Early Sensation'.

My ‘Van Sion’ clumps have even plumper buds – a sign of the double flower that is cocooned inside.   And while that does help my feelings a little bit… a bud is just a promise – not a flower.

Yesterday a took a walk with the camera.  My goal was to see which daffodils had visible buds and to calculate how soon the blooms might materialize.  So… I checked the ‘February Gold’ patch and then the ‘Van Sion’ clumps.

I walked to the bottom of the hill to see if any of the fall bloomers might be throwing off a 2014 blossom.

Then I saw a single yellow trumpet daffodil – blooming it’s fool head off!

It had no tag and I had no memory of planting it.  I’m fairly certain though that is is ‘Rijnveld’s Early Sensation’.  This is an English selection that was introduced in the 1950’s.

It is hardly an heirloom.  The stem is kind of short and stumpy and there is no fragrance to speak of.  It will not likely win a blue ribbon.

But I will agree that  it’s sensational!!!

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