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Ravishingly Robust Radicchio Rules!

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to blog more consistently.

So – on January 2, I set out to create a new post and rapidly encountered multiple problems.  In short I have been out of commission since then and just got back up and running today.  Yay!

Meanwhile I missed my 2 year blog anniversary on January 6.

So what a bummer!  The Blog-iversary has come and gone and I have so many potential blog posts dancing in my head that I just don’t know which to write first.

Ravishingly Robust Radicchio Rules! Note the small head that is beginning to form in the middle of the rosette.

I think I will post a closeup of the most beautiful thing in my vegetable garden which is, by the way, really rocking right now.

Of all the eye candy therein… my robust radicchio is the most lovely.  The plant carried over from last year and is in its second year in the veg garden.  This perennial nature seems to be the norm for radicchio here in Mississippi.

Radicchio (Cichorium intybus) is a leafy form of chicory with some red color.  I read that the ancient Egyptians selected it from wild chicory populations.  Then in the 1860’s a Belgian agronomist tinkered with it to incorporate consistent red color.

When I planted my summer veggies, the radicchio languished in the shade and remained hidden so that I was pleasantly surprised to find it when I pulled out the tomatoes, peppers and green beans.

During the cleanup, the tag was lost.  I have done some research and speculate that this variety might be ‘Early Treviso’.

I do know that the seed came from Nichols Garden Nursery and I am relatively sure that it is either ‘Early Treviso’ or some unknown variety from Nichols’ Wild Garden Chicory Mix.

Regardless it is a beautiful plant and quite tasty if you like buttery bitterness.  I pick a few leaves off the side of the rosette and add them to every salad.

I am looking forward to watching this little jewel head up.

Due to the high entertainment value, I planted more seed in the fall and have healthy baby radicchio coming along.

So… all is well.  The blog is up and running and the radicchio rules!



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