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Up For Adoption

This lovely marsh mallow is blooming now in my compost heap. Look closely and you will see the compost and the grove of young avocados in the background.

I have written before about my slacker method of composting.

Every time my compost bucket gets full I take it down the hill and dump it on top of the mound of debris I have accumulated.  The wildlife pick through and harvest the choice bits.  Ever so often I add a layer of dried leaves or grass clippings.

My set-up is really an Old School compost heap.

It’s very white trashy but it is productive with almost no effort on my part.  And since the pile is in an out of the way spot, no one sees it but me.

I have a small nursery, so I also toss old seeds there and dump the contents of seed flats after I have given up on them.

Due to the unique contributions from the nursery, I have some interesting volunteers in the pile.

The heap has recently yielded a young marsh mallow (Kosteletzyka virginica).  This lovely native is blooming now with clear pink hibiscus-like flowers.

I’m sure this little jewel is a refugee from the a batch of Louisiana Cajun Prairie seedlings that I contract grew last year.  I was thrilled to see the Compost-eletzyka and I will find her a home in my Bee Meadow.

The heap is also populated with a righteous grove of avocado saplings.  At least a dozen have sprouted from the avocado pits I have thrown in the compost.

Avocado plants are not cold hardy here but they make wonderful house plants.  I may keep one as a pet but the rest will be up for adoption.

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